Self-love & Confidence

“What will they think of me?”

“How do I love myself when I feel fat and ugly?”

“I can’t stop thinking about that STUPID thing I said today..what in the EFF is WRONG WITH ME??”

“I’m so lazy.. I know what to do, I just don’t DO it!”

(“Deep down, I’m afraid that I’ll never measure up.”)


Lack of self-love and confidence has deep roots. Unconsciously (and usually with good intentions), caregivers often pass down messages of not being good enough or that there’s something inherently wrong with you. These messages are purely a result of the caregivers’ unresolved self-love wounding, but nonetheless, we take this information to mean that we’re inherently flawed. Also, while in infancy and childhood - due to the ego-centricity of the child brain - we interpret distressing data (our parents don’t answer our cry; we get yelled at or called “sensitive” or “dramatic,” etc.) to mean that there’s something wrong with us.


Alone, logical knowledge that we ARE worthy, loveable, etc., isn’t enough for real change (though it’s a start and still very needed!). The above roots of self-love wounding and shame-based messaging we received in childhood have been internalized and stored in the subconscious. Since approximately 98% of our behavior originates from subconscious material, we must incorporate therapies that connect mind and body in order to reach and work within the subconscious.

At Woman Emerging, we specialize in techniques that help clients connect with their mind, body, and subconscious in a way that supports deep and lasting change. Using techniques that thoroughly connect mind and body, we can change how we feel about ourselves on a deep, cellular level, repairing self-worth damage dating back to childhood, even back to the womb and prior.

When we love ourselves on a deep level, EVERYTHING changes! Our relationships become more secure and loving because they reflect the love within. We don’t worry nearly as much about what people think; the opinions that matter to us are from the people we love and trust. We become less anxious and depressed, and we feel a greater sense of purpose.

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*Also, check out our self-love starter kit! A complete guide to kickstarting the self-love process that supports connection of mind and body - great way to get started!