“Am I too needy?”

“Why do I keep dating the same person??”

“I walk on eggshells constantly..”

“I constantly feel - or my partner makes me feel - like I’m always in the wrong.”

“How do you get over somebody and forgive?”

(“I’m terrified of ending up alone.”)


We’ll go ahead and answer one question for you: You’re not too needy.

We need relationships like we need air. We become the most thriving, independent, creative & inspired versions of ourselves when we are deeply connected, loved, and grounded in relationship with ourselves and with others.

We specialize in working with women who want to change their relationship patterns to sustain healthy, loving relationships, while also growing in self-love and self-confidence.

(And the rumor is true…loving ourselves provides the most sustainable path to finding and sustaining healthy and loving relationships with others)

If you’re already overwhelmed - it’s okay! We’ll start from the beginning.

It’s common that we tend to repeat relationship patterns. Over and over feeling crushed by my partner, always feeling like I’m not doing enough or that I always have to explain myself; feeling constantly unheard and confused; always ending up apologizing and realizing that they never do; ending up hurt and feeling alone, over, and over.

We can do something about this. It IS possible to find and sustain fulfilling, safe, loving relationships, even when your pattern has been the opposite. It IS possible to cultivate self-worth and self-love, thereby also attracting partners capable of loving you well.

When we work with clients on this issue, we look at the history of relationships and messages you’ve learned about yourself along the way. When we create this map, your body will show us the places that need to heal, rewire, and transform.

Your body naturally wants to heal and grow into healthy patterns. If we create the safe and loving space, we can work with your body in cultivating a new, loving relationship with yourself, which will provide strong, steady grounding for creating - and KEEPING! - healthy relationships with others.

Shall we get started?

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