PTSD & Trauma

“I feel so disconnected.”

Repetition and reenactment of toxic relationship patterns,

A feeling that chaos and drama follow you everywhere,

General feelings of disconnection or sleepwalking through life,

Panic attacks, depression & anxiety,

Extreme lack of self-worth & a sense of purpose..

Trauma & ptsd. 

When we encounter situations that are life-threatening, our brains and bodies change in very specific ways.

Whether we’ve had a single traumatic event or withstood a systemic pattern of chaos and trauma (domestic violence, growing up in chaotic or unsafe environments, patterns of emotional/verbal/sexual/physical/spiritual abuse, brainwashing or “crazy-making,” etc.), without proper processing, the body stores the trauma in the body, causing our body’s energy to become “stuck.” This causes blockages in healthy emotional processing, leading to symptoms such as high emotional reactivity, numbness, feeling disconnected or on autopilot, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, obsessions or being “stuck in your head,” repeating toxic relationship patterns, self-sabotage, and on.

At Woman Emerging, we use specialized techniques (such as EMDR and other body-centered techniques) to help our clients process the trauma in a healthy way, which allows the “stuck” trauma energy to move through the body and release. On the other side of healthy energetic release, we find peace and clarity, as well as a renewed ability to cultivate secure relationships, self-love, and emotional regulation.

Trauma doesn’t have to define you. Let us know how we can help!

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