"Why can't I turn my brain off?"

“I’m constantly worried about what other people think of me, of what they think about that STUPID thing I said…and it’s really awesome obsessing over it constantly..”

"Why do I over-analyze and overthink EVERYTHING??" 

"I'm tired of having panic attacks all the time." 

(“I’m terrified of alone time because then I’m trapped with my thoughts.”)


However you experience anxiety and/or panic, we can work together to find healing for you.

Anxiety and panic can feel like torture.  They are torture.  In our work together, we'll explore the root causes of anxiety and panic.

In counseling, we find that the most effective course is to explore and treat the underlying issues. When we treat the issue at its source instead of using band-aids or quick-fixes, the anxiety finds itself without a job to do. So let’s allow anxiety to retire, shall we? It’s worked hard enough, and for way too long.

We approach anxiety from many angles.

In part, we see anxiety as manifestations of the many mechanisms we’ve used since an early age to try to manage and navigate our world and get our needs met as effectively as possible (trying to “fix” people, manage others’ emotions, trying to be perfect, etc.). Problem is, some of these mechanisms work well for us, and some don’t (and some may have worked for us in the past but don’t serve us well anymore). In counseling, we create space for your body to tell us what it really needs, and we can therefore find more helpful ways to get your needs met.  Ways that can actually bring fulfillment, balance, even joy back into your life.  Ways that can help you feel more like...YOU.

Anxiety can also manifest from a multitude of underlying issues, including shame / perfectionism (not feeling good enough, or like you can never reach “the bar”), difficult relationships, trauma, and on. As we mentioned above, we find that the most effective path to healing comes with treating the underlying issues so that we can start sending anxiety on into retirement land.

Both before and as we work with underlying issues, we work on coping/self-soothing/mindfulness tools. These tools are extremely necessary and foundational for effective healing of anxiety. We typically provide a lot of education on the relationship between anxiety/stress and the brain while simultaneously exploring with our clients the most effective self-soothing/coping tools for their bodies (meditation, yoga, anxiety-reducing apps, self-soothing skills, etc.). Calming the brain with soothing and mindfulness techniques provides a very firm foundation for the deeper healing work.

“Uuuummm….not totally sure about doing deep work; I’d like to just stop freaking the f*** out.”

We see you, sassy (and we love you already). This work is based entirely upon your goals for treatment, and our number one priority is to create as safe an environment as possible to do the work. So, although we may suggest or name a course of treatment that we feel may be most beneficial for the completion of your goals (and we’ll always explain why), this is YOUR process, and we won’t embark on any journey or path where you haven’t given your full permission. Sometimes learning better self-soothing tools is all that’s needed in certain seasons of life!

“Erm, I’m the total opposite… let’s fix this shit from the roots please & thank you.”

Lady, you’re speaking our love language. Deep work is our specialty, so you’re in the right place.

Healing is VERY possible! Let us know how we can help.

Message us to schedule a phone consultation or to ask questions. we’d love to hear from you.

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