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Growth and self-improvement is really important to you. You’ve read books, listened to podcasts, and you may have already tried counseling. Maybe you’ve seen progress in some areas (great!), but you’re ready for more. You’ve spent ENOUGH time spinning out in old patterns.

It’s time for real change.


What We’re About, & How We Can Help

YOU’RE TIRED OF - cycling in toxic relationships; attracting the SAME person over and over; feeling crappy about yourself and not having confidence; spinning out and overthinking e-ver-y-thing, all-of-the-time.

YOU WANT - to find and sustain a healthy connection with a partner (and to know what that feels like.. maybe to believe that it really does exist?); to actually feel GOOD about yourself, comfortable and confident in your own skin; to feel calm, peaceful, not spinning, ruminating, and obsessing all the time… you just want to feel, okay. (Maybe even, good?)

THE SOLUTION - We can help you with that:

At Woman Emerging, we offer highly specialized counseling services in the women’s issues listed above (relationships, anxiety, self-love & confidence, trauma). We thoughtfully design our counseling services specifically for women ready for real, sustainable change. The women we work with are very goal-oriented, and so are we. You have very specific changes you want to make in your life, and our highest priority is to keep our eye on the prize.

And because we understand that the best healing happens in community…

At its foundation, Woman Emerging is a community. Along with specialized counseling services, we offer a variety of ways for women to learn and growth together, as well as connect with, support, encourage, and empower each other:

  • Educational Workshops

  • Fun/educational Girls’ Night Out Events

  • Online Support Communities

  • Blogs, Articles, & Videos for additional support within our community newsletter (sign up below!)

You’re not alone.

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