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Let’s Grow.

No more with toxic relationships. No more with spinning, obsessive thoughts. No more feeling like crap about yourself. You’re DONE.

Through specialized counseling, plus options for supportive and empowering community, we at Woman Emerging are helping women take the next, big step in their growth.

Let us help you know what it feels like to truly feel confident, to have healthy, loving relationships that sustain.. to feel calm, and to just feel.. good.


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If you’re looking to shift your patterns in a deeper way, to create the internal changes necessary to create and sustain healthy relationships, self-love, self-confidence, and lowered anxiety, counseling can be a great fit. Schedule a free phone consultation, and let’s talk about how we can help!

Counseling Services for Women


Dating ~ Marriage ~ Divorce

Self-Love & Confidence

Recover from Toxic Shame & the Feeling of “Not Enough”


Overthinking ~ Obsessing ~Panic

PTSD & Trauma

Heal from Trauma ~ Break Toxic Patterns



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join the private woman emerging facebook group!

Hey sister, we would love to invite you to join Woman Emerging’s private Facebook group, designed for women to support, encourage, and empower each other on the road to becoming your most self-loving, badass selves.

GAIN ACCESS TO EXCLUSIVE RESOURCES: Live videos for extra support & education, additional resources, and daily opportunities to connect more deeply with like-minded women invested in growth. Pretty sweet, if you ask us.



Relationships have the power to wound; and importantly, they have the incredible ability to heal.

— Elizabeth DeVaughn, Owner & Licensed Professional Counselor


Workshops & Events for Women

Healing happens within relationship. One of our foundational values is community, which is why it’s so important to us to support women in connecting with one another - and events are a perfect way to do that!

From fun & casual-yet-informative events to more intensive educational workshops, we feel SURE that you can find something right up your pretty little alley.